Lead System Network “Making Money for the Online Newbie”

Lead System Network “Making Money for the Online Newbie”

I come to give you this review straight from my own experience as an Online Newbie in this online marketing field.  In this review I will give you the GOOD, the BAD, and the HONEST truth about my experience thus far with Lead System Network.   I want you to take in account that I had NO real marketing experience prior to joining this company.  NO Blogging, SEO, Sales, Traffic, or understanding of what it took to create an income online.  This review is probably the REALEST review YOU will ever see online because at this point, I don’t give a $h!t whether YOU join me or not, simply because I know how to make a profit online, with or without building a team!

In this review I will tell you what LSN has to offer as far as the tools they provide all the way down to the type of customer service I have received while dealing with this company.  This review is packed with the INSIDE story, from which I witness, since the official LAUNCH of this company.

Lead System Network Launch “No Quitter’s Team” Gavin Robertson, Claude from Cleveland, Dena Clark












    As you look closely in the video clip on the company’s site, you catch a glimpse of me “front row” absorbing the knowledge at the Lead System Network launch.   I attended this launch not as your typical professional marketer, but as an intriguing online entrepreneur.  One who has read and researched the statistics of internet entrepreneurs, with a clear understanding of its mere 10% success rate.  I’ve taken time to witness the sales tactics, the training and companies surrounding this field including the pioneer and all time leader in this online industry “Empower Network.”

I’ve attended several events from Network Marketing to Internet Marketing, in the course of this past year simply learn and get the inside scoop on how this industry works.  I’ve experienced a ton of genuine people with heart felt stories of their struggle and triumphs.  Some with success and some without.  A lot of those I that I spent time with were just beginning in this industry, meaning less than 2 years.   For those I had the pleasure of meeting that has worked online for 2 or more years seem to have a totally different outlook on this industry.   Some consider themselves as Guru’s and blazing the trail while leaving golden nuggets behind for newbies to profit.  Some are taking advantage of the newbies because of their lack of knowledge, hitting them with product after product just to make a quick buck.  But on the other hand, showing by example on how it’s done. Others are still bouncing around from product to product complaining about what works and what doesn’t.  Then you have those who are making sales here and there knowing that making money online is possible, yet having a lack of clarity just as some of the newbies, and then you have the quitters.  They start, they stop and then back to their 9 to 5 they go.  They wait, then they start and stop again never really gaining a substantial amount of success.  Their belief is there, but the faith and clarity is lacking.  And then to sum it all up you have the nay sayers and non-believers who mostly just fumbled their way through this online world, without making a dime, spend a few dollars, with their lotto mentality, getting frustrated until the point they simply tap out and quit.  They’re usually the ones claiming it’s all a scam.  Through all of those I have noticed, regardless the type, without a mentor, most find themselves lost, lying and faking it trying to make it.  This is definitely not the route to go especially if you believe somewhere deep inside your soul you can succeed.

When I first found LSN or should I say, when it found me, it was mostly by chance, luck, coincidence, faith or whatever one may want to perceive it as.  I believe it just happened how it was suppose to.  During this time I was in my early stages of promoting online.  I learned what a sales funnel was and by this time and was on the mission of buying all the tools.  Any true marketer would tell you it’s important to have a clear plan which includes a vision of what you have and what you want, along with the right tools to get it.  At the time of Empower Network it was all about sale funnels, storytelling and blogging, not to mention pushing some of the best training products in the field of online marketing.  My main issue was that I had to go outside of the company to get the tools I needed to promote.  Well not technically, because they do provide you with a sales funnel to begin with as most multi-level marketing companies do, however in this field it’s all about building your own list and not just building a list for your company or up-line.  Therefore the need for tools was a must.  So I went out and purchased those tools and after doing so I found myself with another bill in my face monthly.  It wasn’t until I took a close look at the Lead System Network and the full marketing tool suite that they offered, that I realized how much I was spending on tools with very little to no return in profit.

After carefully analyzing the tools and the compensation plan presented by Lead System Network.  To me it was a no-brainer to move over into LSN considering all the tools that were provided along with the fact I’d be saving money.  However, what was the business structure like and what made this company so different from Empower?  I must say I truly enjoy almost everyone I encounter at Empower.  I felt the leadership from the owner was amazing, but the overall guidance from my particular upline, SUCKED!  So what was the difference?  There was only one answer to this question and honestly I didn’t find that out until I went to the LSN launch in Orlando, Fl. and was able to actually meet with the owners.  First impressions are the lasting ones, and I must say what a great first impression they presented.  The food, the family, the friendly greeting, made the atmosphere extremely captivating. Considering the fact that I had just attended an amazing Empower event a couple of months prior as V.I.P. (with a huge price tag attached.)  I must say I had a far better time with the smaller, more intimate, less expensive gathering with Lead System Network.  At this gathering we were greeted with open arms and I showed up with open ears and an open mind.  The knowledge given was priceless as we casually held several discussion groups throughout the night.  We were even able to sit with parents of one of the owners and receive the inside scoop of their struggles, their passion and even their upbringing, which for me solidified that fact I had surrounded myself around a great group of people.


Although the first night was “great” in every aspect of the word.  The biggest question still was yet to be answered… “How solid of a company is this and what will the service for customers or affiliates like myself be like?”  I was soon to see!…

However, as the days past, what stood out the most, was that I was attending this launch with a new found team. As you can tell in the video by how we moved as a unit, we were far beyond your average team.  With the name “No Quitters” gained a lot of attention from others.  As our coach and mentor “Keder Cormier” who’s known for his super crazy traffic generating product “CL Traffic Bananas”  (which alone made over 6 figures) lead the pack.  Like I mention prior, if you DON’T have a mentor you might just quit before you start making any money.  So if you are a newbie and you want to make money it’s important that you get around those who are.  First I must say LEADERSHIP is key!  As a team we moved together, we took over the front row, we mastermind afterwards.  We acknowledge the problems and found solutions.  We stated no matter what the company does, as a team we must learn and grow to better ourselves as marketers in this online world.  This was the day I can say I officially joined the No Quitter’s Team!

Online Newbie No More


No Quitters Team

 Now here’s where the question comes in…  Are there any quitters?…   Sure, we have quitters EVERYDAY!  Some people are just made like that.  You can’t expect everyone to share the vision of those willing to do what it takes to succeed.  It takes hard work and dedication along with discipline to be successful in this industry.  “You MUST marry the process and divorce the results” as one of our team leader’s  “Bobby Patterson” would say.  Sure, I can show you how to make money as a newbie online.  Probably in less than 48 hours if you know how to listen and follow instructions.  But we’re talking about changing your lifestyle.  Your mindset.  Developing a skill-set that may make you more valuable than someone who has spent years in college and thousands of dollars in the same field.  We don’t prepare you for a J.O.B. or (Just Over Broke)  No, we help you tap into your passion.  But ultimately the decision is yours!  How long will you hold that burning rope while climbing to the top?   I can tell you from experience that when I joined this team, I had to “QUIT!”  Yeah, me!

I had to QUIT doubting myself.

I had to QUIT making excuses.

I had to QUIT being so negative.

I had to QUIT listening to the failures.

I had to QUIT watching so much television.

I had to QUIT fumbling around in the computer.

I had to QUIT hanging around people who were against my vision.

There was a lot of things I had to QUIT!  And when I did, that’s when I began seeing the results.  I begin to recognize the power within.  It is the same power that “YOU” the reader of this here article possess.  The only thing is are YOU willing to tap into it?  Do YOU want to make money online?  Okay, then understand this.  It does NOT matter what company you are with nor the compensation plan that the company presents.  What does matter is willingness to learn along with your constant effort.  With that you will learn how to basically print money from thin air.   The next thing you WILL need is the right tools to have an advantage over the rest and the tools provided by Lead System Network are hands down the top in its field, along with a great 100% commission.


Lead System Network Tools













Lead System Network Basic Tool Suite

Considering all the marketing tools are in one hub along with the training on how to use them.  It only makes sense to take advantage of this tool suite and all it provides.  Though the question still lingers about the integrity of this company and the service they provide.  Well let me tell you from my experience first hand.  This being a new company of course I anticipated a few changes, some bumps in the road sort of speak.  And yes, I experience these issues first-hand.  Within my 2nd month of being an affiliate I found myself contacting their customer service through a live chat concerning an update of my billing info in which I was charged unexpectedly.  This charge cause some problem with my account and I needed answers immediately.  I received an email almost instantly stating it would be handled within 24-48 hours. It was resolved in less than 24 hours.  About a month later, I ran into another problem with one of the tools the wasn’t working properly after an update and before I could finish the chat it was resolved.   The one thing I can say is that with every issue I have encounter there has been someone to talk to and a solution somewhere close.  If at anytime there was a company wide change or issue it was typically made known on the message board after logging in.  I must say that say my experience with the Lead System Network has been nothing short from excellent.  So that answered my question.  Yes, it’s pretty solid of a company and according to those on my team and others who I’ve spoken too has said the same.   Sure enough, we’ll probably go through more changes in the future, but so far all the changes have been in the best interest of the affiliates.  The company has supplied us with new (the first of it’s kind) video capture pages with video backgrounds.  They have also added a 14-day trial that enables the customer to unlock all the tools.  These additions give more reasons for you to at the least TRY the tool suite and I am going to give you more reasons to KEEP it!

So as the title states “Making Money for the Online Newbie.”  This is exactly what I am going to show you how to do and why you need these tools to help you.  First as you read above, I mentioned capture pages.  A capture page get the information of the person who’s is interested in your offer. (no matter what the offer is) Below is a few examples of different capture pages you can create to promote any business, service or product.



Capture Pages

They’re several to chose from once you’re on the inside of LSN.  You can customize them to fit your particular company or product or you can sell the service or product to other companies if you become an affiliate.  I find it most effective for list building and because each capture page can be attached to it’s own auto-responder, it will allow you to create several different campaigns.

For Online Newbies, I reccomend that you grab a product from the “Marketplace” of sites like http://jvzoo.com  or  http://clickbank.com  Become an affiliate, create you a simple review video on Youtube, grab the “Basic” LSN tools to unlcok “ALL” of the tools.  Join up with my FREE Online 24 Hour Money Making Team.  Let me introduce you to the No Quitters Crew to get YOU well trained, along with a ton of “BONUSES” that will pretty much put most of your social sites on “AUTOMATION.”  Plug in daily to our “Success Calls” and “STAY PLUGGED IN!”


YES, you can make money online.  For some it comes easy and for some it may take a little while, all depending on how much you want it and how well you can follow directions.  Below is a few images of the sites mentioned above.  Check out the “marketplace” and find a category that interest you.  There are several ways to promote once you find a product.  You can always go the FREE route and promote through social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tsu or you can scale your business fast and do paid ads.  Either way, there’s ways to make money.  “Don’t Delay,” connect with ME today to get started!  Let’s ROCK this online world together!