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Ds Domination Review

Ds Domination Review

In this ds domination review I will go into depth about this company. I will tell you nothing but the honest TRUTH.  I will go over the different levels of training within ds domination as well as show my proof of results. Please read through this article entirely in order to get a better understanding of the company.


First of all what the heck is DS Domination?  

Ds domination is a training platform that teaches you how to make money online WITHOUT having to recruit using a method called drop shipping.

What is drop shipping you ask? Drop shipping is the concept of listing products on a site such as eBay for sale using another site such as Amazon to fulfill your orders.

For example, you find a product on Amazon that you would like to sale at a good price and you list it on eBay at a higher price so that you can make a nice profit after ebay fees. After the item sales you then ship the item to the buyer from Amazon.

What if the buyer finds out it’s from Amazon?

No worries, ds domination covers that in their basic pro training for 19.95 per month.  They will teach you all the basic aspects of drop shipping using eBay and Amazon. Now lets get started with this ds domination review!


drop shipping


How much does DS Domination Cost?

There are many levels of training with in the Ds domination training platform.

First let’s start with the Pro Level.

Ds Domination pro membership is 19.95 per month. This is what you will receive with the basic pro membership:

  • 20 modules of step by step training
  • Automation software – this software will help you find items to list in minutes
  • A title builder
  • Weekly training webinars – Roger himself will show you what to do step by step LIVE!
  • Inventory tracker – this software will track all of your inventory from Amazon and update prices when they go up as well as remove listing if the item runs out of stock!


DS Domination Review: Elite $99 per month

Ds Domination Elite is the next step up from Pro. In elite you will learn how to drop ship from various other suppliers. You will be taught how to find HOT products to sell the will generate you $50-$200+ profit per sale.

This is what you will receive with the elite membership:

  • More training
  • More suppliers
  • How to sell on Google
  • Cash back sites that will help you take care of eBay fees
  • Weekly LIVE Training
  • Software to help you find given BIGGER PROFITS!


DS Domination Unleashed

DS Domination Review: Unleashed $249 On-Time LIFETIME ACCESS:     

Unleash shows you more cash back sites keeping your eBay fees low and more money in your pocket. With unleashed you will also learn of even MORE suppliers to drop ship from. This product here will save you a lot of money on eBay fees big time. Continue reading this ds domination review for more information!


My personal favorite DS Monopoly is $499 One-Time LIFETIME ACCESS:

In Ds monopoly you will be taught how to drop ship on Amazon. This is where the big dogs play. This product alone can make you 6 figures. I’m dead serious here is proof of my results below.



ds domination monopoly


Genesis is for the BIG DOGS as well $1499 One-Time Fee LIFETIME ACCESS:

Boy let me tell you genesis is simply amazing. Not to boast but genesis alone will littley change your life forever no joke.

In genesis you will learn how to outsource and brand your own products. This is very very powerful!

What is in Genesis?

Genesis Traditional

In Genesis traditional you will learn how to outsource products from china for pennies each and brand then to sale on Amazon for huge profits.

Genesis US

In genesis us you will be taught how to source from suppliers within the united states.

Genesis Easy is Everyone’s Favorite:

With genesis easy you will learn how to find products for cheap at your local store that are selling on Amazon for a profit using our very own scanning app.


DS Domination Review Conclusion:

In my option ds domination is one of the best companies out. Why? Not only do they have a high success rate as well as a high retension rate but they have so many success stories. People join this company that have failed over and over again online (like myself) and began seeing success within a week of joining.

I really appreaciate the leadership that my team has. Our leader gives and gives. We have a huge support group with so many carring helpful individuals. I hope you enjoyed this indepth ds domination review.


ds dominations review



ds domination proof


ds domination proof

ds domination proof

ds domination proof

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