My Short Story And How I Can Help You In Your Business

Donta Holliman’s Short Story


Hello My Name is Donta Holliman. And I’m An internet marketer. The reason

I would like to share my story with you is to shed a little light in the battles that I have

overcome. I was born and raised in Flint,MI One of the worst places to live in the U.S.

So of course I have ran into tons of battles in life and in marketing. In my video below

titled ” My Short Story And How I Can Help You In Your Business“, I talk about a few

different challenges I faced in life and in marketing. Which is the reason why I want to share

with you my story. My story is designed to show you that ANYTHING is possible in your life, Even

in your business….Check out my video……



So How Can My Short Story Help You In Your Business?


Have you ever noticed that MOST people who are making a big difference in the world and have become wealthy,

have an amazing story? Now I’m not talking about the people who’s parents were wealthy and game them

money to start something. I’m talking about the people who have actually invested their blood,sweat,and tears literally!

At age 17 I was thrown out of my parents house to be homeless. And it wasn’t the last time either. I ran the streets and sold

drugs until I got into trouble at 19. I was facing prison time and luckily had some money saved to dodge prison. But my felonies

stuck with me making it hard to get a decent job. My mom told me that I had screwed up my life and needed to start thinking

about being an entrepreneur. She even agreed to help me on the way. But my parents never did anything to help me do something

amazing. Instead, They fed me broken promises over and over again. And it really had me down and out for many years. I remember

when I first showed an interest in making money from home, Everyone around me told me it was a scam and would never work.

at age 21 I had my first born child and I was struggling bad! So what did I do? I went back to hustling crack in the streets of Flint, MI and

all over the state of Michigan. I can honestly say that my struggle had gotten better, But I wasn’t doing the right thing. Years later

I felt as if I’ve been lucky not to get caught and thrown in jail again, So I QUIT. I started to live a so called normal life, Working a

regular job only to still be broke after bills were paid. And I was fed up with normal. So I jumped back into trying to make money online.

And I struggled horribly at it for about 10 years off and on before I started seeing real results. But because I never quit, things started

to change. I started following people who where getting the results that I wanted. And then I joined their team in their business

just to learn the steps I needed to take. You see, Most people who want to make money online really thinks that this is an easy thing.

And they really believe that they can do it alone, They are wrong. You need a mentor, You need to be willing to follow instructions and

understand that this is business. Meaning that you will need to invest more money in your business at times. Now your investments

will be, Additional training, Tools, And paid advertising. Without these things, You have no business.


So how can this short story help you in your business? Because I’m one of those people who made it here from having nothing at all.

Who better to learn from a person who’s story could be similar to your own. Now maybe you haven’t been homeless or had to

deal with some of the things that I have, But you probably could relate to struggling in your business. And my story can help you

because you now understand that I’m a REGULAR person. I’m not a guru, Nor have had anyone throw money into my lap. And

most people who start out in this industry, Don’t have much of a budget to start with. And that’s how I can help you in your business.

It is possible to start from a shoe string budget. And I can show you step by step exactly what it is you need to do starting today to

grow your business to the top. And here’s what you need to do in BRIEF, I’ll get more into detail when you JOIN our team. And keep in

mind, It doesn’t matter what your promoting, I will still help you reach the top in your opportunity. So here it is…..


1. Find A Product To Sale. If you don’t already have one

2. GET THE TOOLS YOU NEED! By joining my team, You get ALL the tools you will need to build your business the right way.

3. LEARN how the tools work and set up everything BEFORE you start marketing.

4. Learn the BONUS training that I will be giving you. Take it slow because it’s a lot of training. Pace yourself

5. 90 day boot camp. I will provide you with a step by step plan on what to do for the next 90 days. ( Very Powerful ) Could actually sell this!

6. Invest in your education, And paid marketing whenever you can. I’m going to show you how to start a small budget and how to work your way up to a bigger budget. Which will make you even more money.

7. FOLLOW THE LEADER…Be a copycat! I will have everything laid out right in front of you what you need to do everyday. Even down to what days to invest and what to invest in for your business.

8. Keep learning and STAY IN THE LOOP of people who are getting the results you want.


It’s really this simple. Most people complicate the PROCESS. Just focus on the outcome of the whole thing.

That’s the only thing that matters. This is how my story can help you in your business. Because I use to

think that I could do it alone as well. I didn’t think I needed a mentor. And when I got a mentor, I didn’t

want to invest more money into this. But then I started following what I was told. And the results were

great. And the moral of my story is this, I learned from a regular person who started from the bottom as well.

My mentor struggled for years as well. So it only makes sense to me now that I attract people who are newbies,

or people who are struggling in their business. So why not learn from someone who has been there before?



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-Donta Holliman

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