Starting Over

2 Types Of Starting Over


I’ve come to find out in my journey of marketing online, That there are 2 different ways

of starting over. One is the normal for business people, And the other is a motivational

type of starting over. In this video below, I will be explaining both of them to you

so watch the video and enjoy….


Here Are The 2 Types Of Starting Over


1. Is when you constantly start and quit because of the lack of results that you are seeing in the beginning. It can be several different reasons why people start over this way. For me, It was because I always thought that it was what I was promoting. So I would always jump around from program to program. Then when I realized that I need tools that had to be paid for on a monthly basis, I struggled to keep my tools on every month. This forced me to keep starting over in a way that I didn’t want to. But I overcame this process. And here’s how….

2. I shifted my mind frame to the point where I thought of things like this. I noticed that I was more motivated in the beginning of starting something new. I mean it’s new So starting over was fun to me in my new mind. So what I did was think of it as if I was starting over for the first time every single day. Now even though we have a 90 day boot camp on our team, I never wanted to actually count the days. I always looked at it as day one each day. I also knew in my mind that if I looked at it as I’m Starting over everyday, It would be a lot easier for me to stay focused on my daily action plan.


With all this being said, Starting over is always a good thing in most people eyes, So why not use the energy for your business as well? How many people have you heard say ” I need to move ” so I can start over or start fresh? Or how many many people you know look at finding a new and better job is a good way to be starting over? The list goes on people. The point that i’m trying to make is this, If you already know that most people look at starting over as a good thing, Why not shift your mind over to believing this when doing your daily action plans? Well I just wanted to share with you the different ways you can use starting over to your advantage. As for me, I’m starting over again tomorrow!


Donta Holliman

Business Building Coach

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