Drip System Marketing, And Why It’s So Powerful

What Is Drip System Marketing?


Drip system marketing is a style of marketing that a lot of marketers are not using.

And to be honest with you, You should be using this secret marketing strategy. So what

is drip system marketing? It is the ability to promote multiple income streams from ONE

source. When dealing with multiple income streams, People tend to think of managing

multiple capture pages and everything else that you need to do in your marketing. It kind

of makes you feel like your jumping around too much, And that your not staying focused on

your primary business. And that’s not the case if you are using drip system marketing. In my

video below titled ” Drip system Marketing, And why it’s so powerful“, I give you a great ideal

on how this process works, And how to set it up….Check out this video….



How To Set Up Your Drip System Marketing Campaign


So if you watched the video above, I gave you a better understanding on how powerful drip system 

marketing can be. And now I’m going to show you in writing, Exactly how to set it up the right

way. Once you master this technique, you will be promoting multiple income streams at the same time

by just bringing prospects in through a single capture page. So here are the steps.


1. Choose your primary opportunity- This will be the opportunity that you would like to build the most. And if I were you, I would choose something that pays you instantly and in residual income.

2. Get The Tools. No matter what you are promoting, You will NEED certain tools to promote it. Even if your going to just promote one thing. And you will for sure need tools if you plan on using the drip system marketing method.

3. Understand that YOU are your business. Meaning that it doesn’t matter where the money is coming from. Yes focus on your primary opportunity the most, But put yourself in position to make money from other opportunities as well. If your not open to this, The drip system won’t work for you. And will limit you to one source of income.

4. Start finding other products you can promote as an affiliate that doesn’t cost you anything. You will need them later using the drip system method.

5. Set-up your first 7 messages in your autoresponder. Now the first 7 messages should be about your primary business. This is because that’s the opportunity that you would like to build the most. But be sure to have this done first. Because most prospects need to see your offer 7-10 times before they buy from you.

6. After you have already set your first 7 messages up in your autoresponder, You now want to start adding messages about OTHER products that you offer. This is where your other affiliate products come in, because you ALSO can make a commission on these as well. So you want to start sharing these inside of your autoresponder messages as well. Why? Because you don’t want to keep bugging people with the same offer in every email. If they haven’t bought your primary product after 7 tries, They probably won’t! But some will a lot later. But it’s time to break their attention and show them something different. Once you have enough OTHER affiliate products, Your prospects will eventually see something that they would like to buy from you.

7. Bringing your primary back in the picture. Even though your going to show them something different later on, In those emails you can bring your primary business back up in your P.S. part of the email. This is great because some people will FORGET about what your promoting by the time you show them something different. But remember to SPACE out your emails for days sent to leave space to send value in BETWEEN you sales emails. This builds trust and relationships.


So this is how a drip system works. And if done right, It can be very powerful. Also remember you are never ever limited to promoting just

one thing. Use the money that you make from your other affiliate offers to build your PRIMARY opportunity. Meaning use the money to do more

paid  marketing. And always know that each new person that comes through your capture page, Will go through the same set of messages from

the top. And once again, Eventually the too will see something that they want to buy from you. And that’s okay because your business is YOU

anyway. So who cares where the money is coming in from? The only time you should worry about that is when create YOUR OWN product.

but until then, You are an affiliate marketer. And this is how drip system marketing works! So get busy and build it.


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