Do You Want To Be A Leader In Your Opportunity

How Would You Like To Be A Leader In Your Opportunity?


How would it make you feel to hear that you have just hit the leaders board in YOUR opportunity?

I would imagine it would make you feel GREAT! But I’m here to tell you that It’s not easy at all.

Also, It’s not hard either. It requires some work and staying consistent. The first question that you

will have to ask your self is, Do you want to be a leader in your opportunity? It’s funny how the mind

works. What you think about, happens. And just asking yourself that simple question let’s your mind

start putting things in order. In my video below titled ” Do you want to be a leader in your opportunity“,

I go in more detail of the things that you will need to do to reach that goal. As far as the tools you will need

to even get started in getting to the leader boards of your company,All the way to what training is needed.

So watch the video below for more details……..



 What Will It Take For You To Be A Leader In Your Opportunity?


The first step to be a leader in your opportunity is to have the vision. Know everything down to the exact numbers.

You have to understand that everyone will not buy from you. And that everyone who buys from you will not do the work.

You only wanna focus on the real action takers. And to be honest with you, You will go through tons of people to find your

true leaders. But these are the people you give your time to. I would say for every 20 people you enroll, You MIGHT find 1 or 2

gems. So as a leader, get ready for it. So I ask you again, Do you want to be a leader in your opportunity? Okay here’s what you

will have to learn, And don’t worry we teach you all this when you join our team. And this is why we create so many leaders on our team.

You will need to…


– Blog. And how to rank your blogs on the first page of Google

– Be willing to shoot videos EVERYDAY! This is important in branding yourself

– Be sure you have the TOOLS that you will need to build your business. Without the tools, Your business will flop. I promise you this.

– Be able to be coached.

– Be sure to implement what you learn.

-Be consistent. Things will come together in time. Just follow our 90 day boot camp challenge. After about 30 days you will be a leader in YOUR opportunity  in no time,if you follow the steps.

– Be willing to INVEST in your business no matter what. Free marketing methods work, But take a while and could cause you to think that your efforts are not working,Forcing you to lose the vision and belief. Investing in paid marketing will supercharge your business without much effort at all once you have everything set up. We will teach you how to set your business on Auto-pilot


This is all you have to do people. And ALWAYS remember to keep investing in additional training. And USE the training. If you can follow

these steps, You will be a leader in your opportunity in no time!


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-Donta Holliman

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