What Every Marketer Needs For Their Business

Every Marketer Needs For Their Business


Have you ever wondered why you aren’t making money in your business?

It’s because you will NEED certain things to grow your business to the top.

So what is it that every marketer needs for their business? Of course your

going to need a mentor that is already where you want to be in your business.

And yes you will need additional training and tips. But the MOST important thing

that you will NEED is talked about in my video titled ” What every marketer needs for their business“.

I wanted to shoot this video to tell people the truth of why they aren’t growing in their business,

and what they can do about it. So in this video, I will show you exactly what every marketer 

needs for their business…..Check out the video below…


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Why Does Every Marketer Need These Things For Their Business?


No matter how you look at it, Business is business. And ALL business is build the same way

every since business has been around. Now through the years, It was a pretty complicated process.

But even back then, You had to know what every business needs for their business. And it’s still the same

today. But with the power of the internet, Building a business can be easier IF you have the TOOLS you will

need. All business is started with it’s OWN BRAND first. Then you will have to promote it while building

a contact list. Without building a list of contacts, your business will fail. How can you build a business if

you have no one to sale to? That’s why it’s important that you know what every marketer needs for their business.

So this is what every marketer needs for their business to grow to the top while using the internet.


1. Capture page-  Every marker needs this for their business to grow. This is how you capture your prospects information.

This is NEEDED because in ANY business, Most people will not buy the very first time they see what you have to offer.

Even if a person was at Best Buy shopping for something in particular, That person might see something else that they want.

But they might want to do a review on the product or wait til next payday. And then when they are ready, they buy. But Best

Buy keeps in contact with that prospect in some form of follow up. It could be a television commercial or an EMAIL or many

other ways to REMIND prospects it’s something that they want. And in Internet marketing, 97% of prospects will NOT BUY

the very first time. So you need to have a way to CAPTURE their information so you can REMIND them that they checked out

what you have to offer.


2. Auto Responder- This is the new way to contact people hands free and on Auto-pilot. No more will you have contact your

prospects one by one ever again. Now there are many different ways to reach out to your prospects. There’s Email, Text

messaging, Postal, phone calls, or your blog. We offer ALL of these in this tool suite and more. Even call a person with

your companies message on auto-pilot to all your contacts. Every way you can think of to contact your prospects

with just a click of a FEW buttons, We have the tools for that. This saves you hours of work while you enjoy your life.


3. Tracking Your Stats- This is important for ANY business as well. If you plan on being successful in your business, You

will be able to figure out what is working and what’s not working. And the only way to do that is to have a TRACKING TOOL.

This can be an expensive tool elsewhere, But you Get ALL THE TOOL S you will ever need in ONE PLACE!


4. Keeping up with your different Campaigns. This is also a must! Because while your tracking your stats, you need to know

what campaigns you are tracking for better results in your marketing.


5. Blog- Now of days every successful business will have their OWN personal blog. But the blog inside this system is DIFFERENT

than any other blog you have seen out there. Even though it a WP blog, You can only get THIS VERSION through our company.

So why is it so different? It’s set up on our companies server which is ALREADY getting TONS OF TRAFFIC. This allows

YOU to get your business on the first page of Google easier. If you start a blog from scratch, It could take you 6 months to a year

to see your blog ranking in the search engines. This is POWERFUL.


6. Webinar Platform- Every business holds meetings when needed. But what if you need to hold a meeting LAST minute after everyone

has left or not around? With this tool you can host a meeting with all your prospects, or clients with the push of a few buttons. The great

part is that you can record the meeting for the ones who couldn’t make it! This alone could cost you $100-$1000 per month! But once

again, You get ALL the tools you need at one low price of $30 per month. You can hold a meeting for 1000 people at once with this tool.

Imagine if you held a webinar and 300 people showed up. But at the end you were able to close 20 new people in your business, How much

money would you make in your business? If your product was only $100, That’s $2000 in about an hour if that’s how long your webinar ran.

But think about the people who couldn’t make it. They might watch the replay and buy at the end too! This is how the big money

is made. This is a must have tool.


So if your not making money in your opportunity or business, It’s because you never knew what

every marketer needs for their business. Building a business is just like anything else that you are building.

You can’t build a house,car, or anything with the proper tools. And your business is the same. So

now that you know the secret of what every marketer needs for their business, What are you going to do about it?

here’s a little recap of ALL the tools you will ever need for your business just for $30 per month!

what every marketer needs for their business



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