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What Is Click Intensity?

Click Intensity is actually a Traffic Exchange program that offers a “Revenue Share” from it’s profits to “active users”. OK, before you quit reading this because I’m using words you haven’t heard before, let me explain quickly what they mean.What is a traffic exchange?
A traffic exchange is generally a membership site that is normally free to join, where all members can surf and view other members sites. This is done based on a system of credits where 1 credit is equal to one random member of the site to visit your page for a set amount of seconds. You can also convert these credits into banner and text ads to help promote your sites even more. Each exchange has upgrade options which will allow you to earn more credits and normally a higher commission rate as well.

What is Revenue Share?
There are several distinct versions of “revenue sharing”. For instance, revenue sharing is commonly used as an incentive program by small businesses who pay their associates or partners a reward based on a pre determined percentage for referring prospects who convert into clients.

In other cases, revenue sharing is utilized to disperse profits connected to a business alliance. Revenue sharing in relation to internet marketing, also referred to as “cost of sale”, is extremely popular today.

In this rev share program example, the cost of advertising is based on the earnings generated, resulting from the advertisement itself. A growing number of internet marketers are now looking into a variety of rev share possibilities to earn extra cash. If you do your research and find the right program, you can actually make a significant amount of money with minimum effort with rev sharing programs. Once you’ve taken the time to find the right revenue sharing program and understand how it works and “work” the program, it’s really easy to make money.

The Good thing is, that you don’t even need to have a site of your own in order to make this business work for you  This means is that when you make a purchase of services from Click intensity, they will actually pay you  back MORE than what you paid for your purchase.

Now we all know when we hear that we are going to   get back more than we put in, we wonder just how this is going to work and oddly, most people don’t even look into it any further and that’s a huge shame because so many people are missing out on a fabulous and profitable opportunity.

Click Intensity actually have far more features when compared to other revenue share sites. There are  earning and advertising opportunity such as:

– Sharing social media posts.
– Watching videos.
– Simple online tasks.
– Clicking ads daily.
– And many more.

The site itself  generates it’s income from these type of features and then shares a portion of the profits  with it’s users.

With so many new features in the revenue share industry, we believe that Click Intensity is the bestchoice. It is one of the best revenue share companies to make money online.

Like anyone new to business I know you will have many questions, This beginners guide to click intensity has been compiled to provide the basics on how to get started and how to earn money using Click Intensity.

The first thing that everyone new needs to know is how do I get started and what does it cost?
Well let me answer these questions in reverse, Joining Click intensity costs absolutely nothing… Nada… Nil… ZERO.

No joke, To join this amazing opportunity will cost you nothing and in order to take advantage of this all you need to do is speak to the person who gave you this eguide or visit www.clickintensity.com and complete the very simple and quick sign up process, you will then receive an email to activate your account. It really is that simple although you will need an email address like Yahoo or Google as other free email accounts like live.com or msn for
example often block emails from sites such as these.

You will need to ensure that the sponsor ID is that of the person who referred you to Click Intensity


Once you have registered for free and confirmed your account you are ready to start using the program.

There are 2 types of memberships on Click Intensity, the first is the Free membership, where you can earn credits by viewing peoples websites in exchange for views to a website you own or an affiliate link you have in order to  promote a service or product that you get paid a commission for selling.
The second option is the paid membership, again… before you quit reading this because you have seen the word “Paid”, let me explain again what that means in terms of revenue share sites.A paid membership on a revenue  share site can be from as little as a few £/$ up to 1000 £/$ or more BUT… you will always get back MORE than you  pay in, generally revenue share sites will pay somewhere in the region of 120% so if you paid 100 £/$ you would  receive back your 100 £/$ + 20 £/$ in profit .
Now before we go into how to make this a profitable business for you I want to explain how your purchases work.

When you become a paid member of Click intensity it means you have made a purchase of at least 1 advertising package at a cost of $25 (approx. £18) this one single purchase, providing you carry out a series of simple tasks  each day, will incur a revenue share payment to your account which over a period of time will become equal to  120% (your initial $25/£18 + $5/£3.60 approx.) you will also receive upon purchase of your advertising package,  1000 silver coins to use on your own advertising campaign for your own site/ links.

Now I can almost hear you asking what the heck are the Silver coins? Well let me explain that on the next page..
**what are gold and silver coins and what is their purpose within the system?

*Gold Coins
The Gold Coins are the internal currency within Click Intensity, the conversion is 1000 Gold Coins = $25. When you put money into Click Intensity you will be allocated an equivalent number of Gold Coins, you will use these Gold  Coins to buy your Silver Advertising Packs. When you receive revenue share, every 30 mins, you will be paid in Gold  Coins,  when your team members purchase ad packs you will be paid in Gold Coins, there are certain daily tasks  that also pay in Gold Coins. You can withdraw your Gold Coin balance at any time, in multiples of 1000 gold coins i.e. multiples of $25 amounts.

*Silver Coins
The Silver Coins are used for advertising ONLY, they cannot be withdrawn for cash or transferred into Gold Coins.

As a free bonus for EVERY silver advertising pack you buy you will be given 1000 Silver Coins to do with as you wish.
These Silver Coins do NOT affect your ability to generate income, they also don’t expire when you ad packs do.

There are certain daily tasks that pay in Silver Coins.
This simply means that if you do not have your own website or affiliate links then you can keep collecting these silver coins either until you do or you can even monetize them by offering to advertise other peoples / friends or  families websites or links (just another way to make this profitable for you).

**Now, when we discuss revenue share sites, and we talk about 1 or 2 advertising packs, the figures seem hardly worth it, however this is why the big earners do what is called compounding, this is where they make a purchase  and every time they have made back their initial purchase cost + profit, they re purchase and continue to do so  until they have a large amount of active advertising packages at which point (in click intensity) the maximum is  4000 advertising packages which will see a return of approximately $120,000 / £90,000 – £100,000 per year.
*To give you an example is you started with 10 advertising packages and paid NOTHING MORE into Click Intensity you could see the following results:


**Remember this is NOT a get rich quick scheme, this is a business built for longevity.Year one shows an initial purchase of just 10 advertising packages at a cost of $250/£180ish.

By re purchasing out of your earnings  (compounding) by the end of year 1 you could  have 154 advertising packages, year 2 has no cost as your re purchasing still out of your  earnings, By the middle of year 3 you will have achieved 4000 advertising positions at which  point you will have money to withdraw, This shows a withdrawal profit in year 3 of  $66,689.50 / £47,559.00 approx., and in year 4  a withdrawal profit of  £120,000 / £85,132.00  approx. All of this from an initial purchase of just $250 /£180 approx.

**How Do FREE Members Make Money?

Free members can earn gold coins by performing certain daily tasks, they also receive a 5% commission (50 gold coins) on every silver ad pack that their direct referrals buy. These coins can be accumulated and either withdrawn or used to purchase ad packs of their own. Once they purchase a Silver Ad Pack they immediately become  paid members. Paid members receive a 10% commission (100 gold coins) on every silver ad pack that their direct  referrals buy so it is advantageous to become a paid member ASAP.
Free members also earn silver coins from performing certain daily tasks.
The Silver Coins are purely for advertising but can be used as such to earn free members money. If you have your own website of products then you can advertise to drive traffic to your website and receive sales in the usual way.
If you don’t have a website then you can make money by advertising affiliate products.

Woah there, Slow down…. I’ve just seen another word I’m not familiar with and being like 90% of the population, if I don’t know what It means I’m unlikely to continue so please explain…

**OK, so what’s a Direct Referral?
Well, in almost every business opportunity or even Job, the company you work for or run needs to grow, when working online, businesses reward you for “referring” other people to the business opportunity too, the people  who you refer directly and join the business too, then become your “Direct Referral” and by way of rewarding you  for promoting the business, you are given a referral commission, a payment in some kind for referring people to  join under you.
In Click Intensity as a FREE member you will be rewarded with a 5% commission payment equal to  50 gold coins on every 1000, every time someone you refer makes a purchase on the site (this jumps up to 10%  once you are a paid member) Commissions CAN make up a huge amount of your online income depending how  many people you have referred to the business and how many are actively using the business to make money.

Commissions on Click Intensity are paid EVERY TIME a purchase is made by your Direct referrals, NOT just once but each and every time for life. And you can even earn off of referrals that your direct referral refers to the business as well up to 7 levels of referrals as shown below:


This image shows (as a paid member) the commission % you  can earn from people in your  team up to 7 levels deep.Each level has a qualification in order  to receive it, Lvl 1 requires you to  have just 1 active advertising  package, lvl 2 requires 100 active  advertising packages up to lvl 7  which requires you to have maximum active advertising packages.
(non paid members only get 5%  from level 1)

Please note that you are not required to refer people, this business can make you money without referring.

**Daily Tasks, What are they and why?

Daily Tasks on Click Intensity are how you earn your revenue share.
Quite simply as a traffic exchange, Click Intensity is a platform for allowing people to advertise their websites or affiliate links and in the near future it will be used for promoting videos, games, social media pages etc and will  become the biggest revenue share site of its kind in history.

By making people view websites each day in order to  receive their revenue share is one way of achieving their promise of sending visitors to people websites.

At present there are only Text Ads on the system and these can be found in the ‘Text Advertising’ section. Once you click on ‘View Text Ads’ you will be presented with a number of ads, simply click on each of these in turn and  you will be taken to a new page where the ad will be shown together with a 10 second countdown timer.

Once the timer has counted down from 10 to 0, a new box will appear at the top right showing NEXT ADD. Click this and you will return to your list of ads to click. repeat this until you no longer have any more ads to click.

For  each ad you click on you will receive 1 silver coin, therefore if you click on 10 ads you will receive 10 silver coins.

If you fail to complete the viewing of at least 10 ads every 24 hours you will lose your revenue share for that day, so it is important that you do not forget. The number of ads you need to view will NOT go up with the amount of  advertising packages you own, so if you have 1 or 4000 you will still only need to view 10 ads per day.

What I tend  to do and what I encourage my team to do is click ads in the morning and again at night, that way you wont miss  out on viewing 10 ads every 24 hours

At present the daily tasks are restricted to clicking text ads, this will change shortly and you will be able to earn both silver and gold coins in the process.

So you can see by now that this is a legitimate business opportunity that has several very lucrative channels of earning potential which is why at the time of this publication over 80,000 people have already joined with Click  intensity and are all in the process of making money.

Below is a screen shot of an account as of 16.51pm on the 6th April 2016 and you can see that it is earning every 30 minutes:


You will see I currently have 11 active Silver packs currently earning me approx. $5.28 per day and 765.24 Gold coins equivalent to $19.13 (just $6 away from another advertising package), this is just 11 days from the launch of
Click intensity.Now, there is more to come with Click intensity over the coming months but now really is the best time to get involved. If you had the chance to invest money in Facebook, or Google when they started in return for a share of  their revenue, you would have been mad to turn it down, well here is your chance to do exactly that.
Be part of a platform that over the past few years has started to produce more wealthy internet business users than any other industry and with Click Intensity being at the forefront of change in the industry which will soon be  offering so many more ways to earn, why would you not want to get involved.

This is a business that can and (with the right attitude) change your life for the better.
Whether you are a seasoned Internet Marketer or you’re a single parent family, this will give you the income and time to do what you have always wanted to do with your family and your life.

The fact that this can be achieved in your spare time means that you can even test the water, while continuing to work your current job, 10 minutes per day is all it takes to complete your daily tasks and you can be earning money back every 30 minutes 24 hours a day, even while you are asleep.

** What do I do now?

Well the first thing to do, if you haven’t already, is to go back to the person who has shown you this e guide and  request their registration link If you haven’t already got a Gmail or Yahoo email address I recommend you get one by going to the Google or Yahoo! Home page and registering.

You will also need a way to pay into your account on Click Intensity, Currently there are several ways to fund your account and withdraw, if you haven’t any of these payment methods below then I suggest you follow the links and  activate yourself an account with them. (Please Note that PayPal is only used to make small payments of $50 per  day per user. Nominal size payments should be done using the other processors and Large payments ($1000 and  above) should be paid using Bank wire)


 Once you have set up your accounts it is then recommended that you join the Click Intensity Facebook Group for updates.
Once you have done that it is highly recommended that you visit your Click intensity Account, log in and watch and read the training materials provided,  These materials are highly recommended viewing and will help you massively in understanding what to do and  how to do it. I then recommend that you go back to the person who provided this e guide to you for their signup  link.**What about withdrawals?

Withdrawals can be made at any time providing you have at least $25 in your account and are in $25 increments (1000 gold coins), however as you will see through this guide, withdrawing before you reach 4000 advertising  packages is not recommended but possible.

Before I wrap up I would like to show another example, The example earlier was based on starting with 10 advertising packages ($250/£180 approx.) and so as not everyone is in a position to be able to start with that amount I would like to show you what you can achieve with a starting fund of just $25/£18 approx.)
This image is taken from the Traffic Link King Click Intensity Income Calculator and shows earnings over 4 years with a $25/£18 approx. starting fund.


You will see that year 1 investment is just $25/£18. with a re-purchase cost of £0 (because you are only using your accumulated earnings to buy more advertising packages and you will end  the year on 8 active advertising packages.You will see that year 2 has a repurchase cost of £0 (because you are still only using your accumulated earnings to buy more  advertising packages and you will end the year on 75 active advertising packages.

You will see that year 3 has a repurchase cost of £0 (because you are still only using your accumulated earnings to buy more  advertising packages and you will end the year on 688 active advertising packages.

And in year 4 you will see the fruits of your labour, This is when you will reach your maximum advertising packages (4000 @ $2000/ £1416 approx. PER DAY) and you will start to be able to withdraw without affecting your building. So you see even if  you are new to online business or just haven’t a lot of money to make a large initial purchase, you can still make this business work for you.

Also as a member with just 1 active advertising package, if you were to refer someone to the business on your team then you can also expect to accumulate a healthy income from their purchases. The below image shows your earnings from just 1 person who, like you started with just 1 advertising package. I think you will be amazed at what can be achieved.





















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