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Product and Earnings Policy

With onetime payment of 24,99 USD, members changing their status from FREE to Pro Member (Affiliate).

All Pro Members (Affiliates) will get 1000 credits (site views), to assign to their websites.

All Pro Members (Affiliates) have access to download area, where they can find software, e-books, videos, pre-written e-mails and ads, and other training materials that will help them to build Traffic Marketplace or any other online business.

Traffic Marketplace Pro Members (Affiliates) may participate in our compensation program as outlined on the Pay Plan page of the website.

Commissions are paid as outlined on the Pay Plan page of the website. All Pro Members (Affiliates) understand BEFORE become, joining or purchasing any product that there are NO GUARANTEED EARNINGS. Pro Members (Affiliates) understand that the website is not to reflect earnings, but to be a representation of company growth and does not mean anything in terms of commissions.

Commissions can be earned by free members who do not purchase product by making retail sales.

Pro Members (Affiliates) should not participate in Traffic Marketplace under the expectation of earning income without doing:

1.      Weekly task (100 site views),

2.      Promote the site or

3.      Sell of digital products and site views.

Neither Traffic Marketplace, nor its Pro Members (Affiliates) can guarantee earnings simply by becoming a Pro Member (Affiliate). Traffic Marketplace Pro Members (Affiliates) should not participate in Traffic Marketplace opportunity if they are not planning to work.

Traffic Marketplace Pro Members (Affiliates) should NOT expect to make a profit simply by becoming a Pro Member (Affiliate). Company will share part of revenue between the members by their promotional efforts.

Traffic Marketplace cannot guarantee that Pro Members (Affiliates) earn a profit by implementing the training materials provided. The products are for educational purposes only.

No Pro Member (Affiliate) should spend money that they cannot afford to lose to purchase products, advertising materials, or anything else related to Traffic Marketplace. It is possible that you will NOT earn any income as a Pro Member (Affiliate) of Traffic Marketplace.

Autopilot commissions complete “turn-key” business for you


My buddy Brett created software that will make YOU your very own niche minisites in minutes…- it’s point-n-click simple to setup- it sets up in minutes and looks awesome- it comes complete with list-building and Amazon, Adsense, and Clickbank.- it’s fully automated (set-n-forget simple)

– it requires NO marketing experience

Here’s a sneak peek but please do NOT share this link:

(he needs some feedback and testimonials so he set the
price very LOW to get it in your hands at a steal…… all he asks is if you like it please send him a testimonial)

ALL-IN-ONE Marketing System

LSN not only offers the BEST compensation plan out there, it also offers tools that you, as an internet marketer, NEED.These are tools that all of the leaders have been using and for the first time, they are now available to the masses, hence our slogan, “We are Leveling the Playing Field in 2014″

Get ready to be a master of the internet!

Basic Tool Suite

We’re talking, CUSTOM capture pages,  CUSTOM email responders, CUSTOM text auto responders, CUSTOM voice auto-responders, CUSTOM postal auto responders– do you see a trend here? This is a ONE of a KIND marketing tool suite that you won’t find anywhere else.


Pro Tool Suite

As if the Basic Tool Suite wasn’t enough, we’ve gone and upped the anty with our Prol Tool Suite for serious marketers and entrepreneurs. Here’s the deal with this suite, you not only get all of the features of the Basic Tool Suite but you get our:

  • Prospecting Assistant


  • EZ Mobile App Creator

Now hear me out, this isn’t just a “create your own app and be done with it” thing. This app allows you to CREATE and SELL mobile apps to ANY industry. That’s right, sell them to your local bakery, barber shop, grocery store.. you get the idea. The possibilities are endless, giving you endless possibilities to extra income.