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==== MAPS ==== The Company Vision ====

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Here’s an update with more information about what is MAPS & earning money daily with…
My Advertising Pays LLC
Company Name: My Advertising Pays LLC
CEO: Mike Deese (retired United States Air Force Veteran)
Mike has been in the trenches with Zeek, ASD, Banners Broker, Ad Hit Profits, and many other advertising revenue sharing companies some of which continue to thrive and some that are not.
What Mike has spent the last year doing is working with mathematicians to come of with a formula and algorithm that would ensure long term stability, attract a large segment of the advertiser market including corporate sponsors and advertisers.
Mike understands the field, the math, has taken all the great stuff from Ad Hits and the rest, tossed the stuff that stalled them and put together a system that has great potential for daily profit revenue share lovers.
No time? (it only takes 5 minutes which you can do on your phone)
Or Just hire a family/friend member to do it for you. :)
Learn to delegate! :)
USP (Unique Selling Proposition):
1. Legitimate, compliant way to earn a steady  and secure income while advertising your business
2. Math based sustainable model expected to pay high daily percentages over the long haul with a good supply of internal and external corporate revenue sources
3. Super easy to use, free to get started, and making money is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3 you
2 view ads,
3 get paid daily.
The system starts you out AT NO COST and fees later come out of profits not out of your pocket.
4. Solves most of the sustainability problems of previous revenue sharing models.
5. Top Direct Sales US Attorney Kevin Thompson onboard.
Do not underestimate the degree of exposure you can get PLUS huge earnings in the process.
I am already advertising several of my business ventures here and getting more exposure, more
leads, more subscribers, more sales, and wait for it…
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 One common thing we have, we all want to make money and have a better lifestyle.

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People say to me they are frightened of the risk, risk of losing money or bein gripped off.

Let me put this into perspective.

Driving a car or cycling to work can be a risk.
You could have an accident at any time, but it doesn’t stop you taking that small risk.
Buying a house, or buying stocks and shares can have a risk, the house could go down in value (negative equity). Stocks can go down.
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Whatever we do in life there is always a risk of some sort.

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