What Does Risk Have To Do With Money?

 One common thing we have, we all want to make money and have a better lifestyle.

Some people follow me, join, take action and have a great income.
Others, sadly, take no action, they join one list after another and do absolutely nothing.
People say to me they are frightened of the risk, risk of losing money or bein gripped off.

Let me put this into perspective.

Driving a car or cycling to work can be a risk.
You could have an accident at any time, but it doesn’t stop you taking that small risk.
Buying a house, or buying stocks and shares can have a risk, the house could go down in value (negative equity). Stocks can go down.
But people every day take the small risk they buy houses and shares.
Whatever we do in life there is always a risk of some sort.

What’s important, is putting that small risk to the back of your mind, like thousands of other people.

That is how you gain wealth, real wealth.

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