Goals – Are You Committed Or Interested?

Goals – Are You Committed Or Interested?

Goals, dreams, aspirations we all have them…

Whether it’s losing 10 pounds, getting toned up, making an extra $1000 or getting that dream house. These things inspire and drive us to fill a gap in our lives, there’s something about the desire to get more and be more that pushes us. In the beginning, it’s the hype stage where our goals are ever so vivid and we get all enthusiastic about the money that can be made in a business venture or how great our bodies will look after a specific period of doing exercises and thennn REALITY KICKS IN! 


The weights won’t tone our bodies by staring at them nor will the money just appear in our bank account if we don’t speak to anyone about our business or do the desired training to learn what our daily  income producing activities should be. If you find yourself only doing the required things to make your dreams or goals manifest when you feel like, then you are only interested. If you are committed you follow through on what you originally planned regardless of how you feel until you get the desired results.

Now don’t get me wrong…

I’m not referring to the situations where you may be experiencing physical discomfort or some personal problem that affects you directly from carrying out the process. I’m talking about the mental side of things. For example, I’m interested in getting a nice ripped six pack of abs and started doing Ab Ripper X from the P90X program. I’ve stopped and restarted so many times never even surpassing a month smh, often only doing the workouts when I felt like because there were days just the thought of going through the reps would turn me off. Yea guys I know it happens, I was excited about getting clean cut abs but only really only interested and clearly not committed.

Imagine if you gave a 100% each day or time you’re supposed to carry out the activities that will help you achieve your goals, seriously picture it! The progress that will be made I’m sure you’ll love the results. So let’s all go out there commit to our goals and crush them…BE GREAT!

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