RevAdShare Overview: 180% Return As A FREE Member

My RevAdShare Overview

If you are looking for a place to advertise and get paid while doing it then check out RevAdShare. Everyone needs traffic in their biz especially if you have an online business because without eyeballs on your offer you are simply non-existent. This advertising and profit sharing program allows the revenue made on its services, to be distributed among its ad purchasing members. To break it down a little further it’s like everyone pitching money into an advertising pool then sharing a percentage of the overall amount. In this case the percentage is 1.8% earned daily until you max out at 180% as a free member or 250% for the upgraded accounts. RevAdShare holds a reserve 20% of the funds so that each paid member can get their 1.8% share. However, if there is a decrease in sales activity or not a lot in the pool, the earnings will decline as well. It’s therefore the onus of each member to spread the word because the more traffic to the site the better. Is this kind of stuff legal? Indeed it is as there is a product or service being offered plus this concept is not the first of its kind. Note that when you purchase an ad share your receive 10,000 credits to advertise your business opportunity on their site.



RevAdShare only launched a few days ago, 19 November 2014 to be exact and has  had a steady flow of members coming in daily. Free to join and you can get paid as a free member but only on referral ad share purchases which comes in two levels, 5% direct  as well as 5% indirect referral commissions.

Key Points To Note About RevAdShare

  • Each $10 Ad share returns $18 on expiration(no set time for maturity)
  • Solid Trust Pay, PayPal, Egopay, Payeer and Perfect Money are the payment processors
  • $5 is the minimum withdrawal amount and $600 the maximum daily
  • PayPal funding limit is $20 per day
  • It’s International
  • NO surfing or clicking of ads daily required to earn
  • You can remain a FREE member and be paid on referral commissions
  • Upgraded members receive up to 250%

 Snapshot of The RevAdShare Activity In Few Days After Launch



Personally, I LOVE the fact that no clicking of ads is required not sure if it will always be this way though. Even though I’m not a big fan of it,  having users coming to click ads is a great way to force more traffic to the site. Another factor I love is that they hold a reserve of 20% so its members can be paid the 1.8% daily. Oh I forgot to mention great customer care support so far as the person I dealt with on the live chat was very helpful. I was told new features will be coming so looking forward to those but for now, 3 days into the game RevAdShare looks very good out the gates. Promote your business plus get 180% returns on what you spent to advertise? C’mon who wouldn’t like that? 

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