Paycation Travel | What Is Paycation?

What Is Paycation?

When you hear the word Paycation what comes to mind?

For me I think about getting paid while on vacation or someone covering all expenses for me to go on one. Well ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you a way to save money big time on travel, get paid while you travel and help others do the same. Paycation Travel is an exciting opportunity for you to run a travel business not only from the comfort of your home but anywhere in the world once you have an internet connection.


CEO David Manning with his team, have created this incredible business program which combines the 8 trillion dollar travel industry with Xtreme Travel, a 12 year old licensed and bonded travel agency. Trillion? Yea I said TRILLION times 8 lol…Let’s be honest, we all want to travel to a dream destination or at least know of someone who wants to every year.Whether it is to go shopping, a honey moon, team trip or family vacation, travel is one of the most fun sought after pleasures in life. Why not let your friends and family book their vacation through you to save money but also make you money in the process. Makes sense doesn’t it? Especially when you can earn up to 75% commission on your bookings.

Liking what you’re reading so far? Well…

How To Get Started With Paycation Travel

There are currently 3 ways to get involved:

  • Travel Club Member Associate – Only $40.00 to start and $29.95 monthly. This package gives you your own Travel Club website with back office to track your personal sales as well as commissions once you qualify including sales of Referral Travel Consultant packages.
  • Referral Travel Consultant (RTC) – $99.95 to start and $59.95 monthly. Being a Travel Consultant entitles you to Tax Benefits (i.e USA and Canada), your own Travel Club website along with separate booking portal site plus back office to track organizational growth and commissions. RTCs earn 65% on all travel done through your travel portal and 20% referred to the corporate travel department. With this package you are also eligible to participate in the commission program with qualification to receive coded and leadership bonuses. Annual fee of $40.00 for renewal
  • Certified Travel Consultant – It gets better :) $149.95 to start and $59.95 monthly. Once an RTC does the Certified Travel Training and passes the test, they will upgrade and become a Certified Travel Consultant for Xtreme Travel. At this level you get everything that a RTC would, but earn 75% commission on bookings done direct through your portal plus 20% on all travel referred to the corporate travel office. Not only will you be able to maximize commissions, but you get to work directly with travel suppliers in the industry and get occasional perks. These perks could include resorts at their expense, inviting you personally to get a hands on experience so you can recommend them to your friends. Annual fee of $40.00 for renewal.

Excited yet?

You sooo have to see the compensation plan. Well honestly, I believe the comp plan itself is an entire article alone but just know there are 20 ways to be paid!

How To Get Paid With Paycation Travel

Now I tell people before joining any company, make sure they do their own research and not just act off of hype. CEO David Manning has been a compensation plan specialist for years. To see him in the videos breaking down how it works instead of delegating it to someone else captured my interest even more. As aforementioned, the compensation plan allows you to be paid 20 ways but I will give a generic idea how it works. Let’s say you go all in and join at the CTC level, for every Certified Travel Consultant you refer you receive $50 every single time to infinity! If its an RTC you get $25 and $10 on the Independent Associates. So if you help 50 friends get started today, that’s $2500 straight out the gate and these payouts are done weekly not weakly lol. This commission has nothing to do with the residual, coded, match and other bonuses. Payouts are done by cheque, direct deposit or with Payoneer.

Here are some keys to the compensation plan:

  1. Personal sale income
  2. Coded bonuses to infinity
  3. Matching coded bonuses
  4. Residual 3 x 7 Matrix
  5. Matching Matrix bonuses
  6. Business builder bonuses
  7. Lifestyle bonuses
  8. Million dollar bonuses and more

You might be wondering how the heck are they able to pay out so much money. Hahaa well I was curious too and if you aren’t you should be. Cross Over Marketing allows this to be done. This is where by running two companies, a percentage of the money that comes in through Xtreme Travel via private label services, credit unions, travel agencies and other businesses then feeds directly into the Paycation Compensation Plan. 

Paycation Travel

Why have I joined Paycation?

The world is like a book and those who do not travel only read one page.

I love to travel….

God willing this company will allow me to see many pages before I leave this earth, while helping family and friends to go on great trips at amazing affordable prices. Combine that to having the ability to run a travel business at only $59.95 monthly from anywhere to create time and financial freedom…oh yea I’m downnnn! Why pay for a vacation when you can take a Paycation? :)



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