Please review the frequently asked questions before contacting us.

My form on my lead capture page doesn't show?
If you added anything in the autoresponder field, such as spaces, any text, etc., the system will delete your form and add this information. Please go back and delete the information and clear out all the spaces. If it does not delete, please use the form to the right to have your code deleted.

My TVC Matrix doesn't display my name in the right corner. How do I know I'm getting credit for the sale?
TVC Matrix recently made a change to their checkout page. The new checkout page does not display your name in the right corner. It also makes the customer pay first. If you go to your TVC Matrix website, you will see that this is the same. We tested our link and it works fine. Once a someone clicks on a package, fills out the information and click "Place Order," they are taken to a confirmation page where they will receive their Member ID. It will also ask them under "Salesperson Confirmation" if "The name of the person who sold you this membership is YOUR NAME. Is this correct?" They either have to choose "Yes" or "No. I have different information about my salesperson." If they select no, the system will ask the prospect for ininformation such as your name and phone number. To avoid any confusion, make sure your display name on your website matches the name on your TVC Matrix website.

I added my Pure Leverage username and campaign name. Why does the old blue form still show?
With the new update to the system, when you add your Pure Leverage username and campaign name, your form will look like the default form. If you added your Pure Leverage username and campaign name to get the new website look and the old blue form shows, fill out the contact form to the right so we can fix it for you.

I have not received my website information?
Websites can take between 24-48 hours to be completed. The confirmation email with all your website links will be sent to the email address on file when you registered. Please check your Spam folder. Often times the email can be sent to the Spam folder if you do not have our email address in your address book. Please add [email protected] to avoid our emails going to your Spam folder.

One of the links in my email does not work?
If you are receiving an error message that says your website has moved or doesn't exist when you click on the link, please copy and paste the link in your browser. Make sure there are no spaces in the link and hit enter. Some email providers add extra spaces into the link causing a broken link, Hotmail and Yahoo are known to do this.

What is the default lead capture page video?
The default lead capture video link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNv2IrffWIA.

My Youtube link doesn't work?
Make sure your Youtube link has http:// before the www. For example, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoid. Note: the http://youtu.be/videoid link will not work. Login to your account and check your Youtube link. DO NOT USE THE IFRAME CODE.

My Pure Leverage autoresponder does not redirect to my presentation page?
Make sure you have entered the correct link for the Thank You Page. Even if you copy and paste your link in the Thank You Page field, still check to make sure the correct link is entered.

My autoresponder form doesn't look the same as the website form?
If you have Pure Leverage, your form will look the same as the website form. Login to your back office and go to your Autorepsonder for instructions. If you use any other autoresponder such as Aweber, Get Response, etc., your autoresponder form will not look like the form originally on the website since the forms have to be created using the autoresponder. For tips see below.

- Create an In-Line Form.
- Width should be at least 300px wide, but no more than 600px wide.
- Form should include no more than 3 fields, example Name, Email and Phone.
- Remove all headers, footers and pictures. Your form should contain the form only.
- Consider using a black or transparent background. The color number for black is #000000.
- On "2 Setting," make sure you add your My MCA Pro presentation link so your prospects will be redirected to the presentation page.

I need help with my autoreponder.
If you need help with creating your autoresponder or any other question, please contact your autoresponder company. We are not affiliated with any of the companies offering an autoresponder. If you have an autoresponder through Pure Leverage, please go to "My Account" and click "update" next to "Autoresponder." For more information about Pure Leverage, please go to http://www.pureleveragepaysme.com.

My TVC Matrix Link doesn't work. It says "check out failed"?
Login to your account and check your TVC Matrix Username. Make sure you have the correct TVC Matrix Username entered. If the TVC Matrix Username entered is correct, make sure there are no leading spaces. Clear out the entire field, back space, and retype the TVC Matrix Username.

How do I personalize my website url or change my website url?
You may purchase a domain name through GoDaddy and forward your domain name to your My MCA Pro website url. A domian name will allow you create a personalized url for your website. CLICK HERE to purchase a domain name. Once you have purchased your domain name, follow the directions below.

How do I forward/link my domain to my My MCA Pro website?
Click the link below for detailed instructions on how to forward your domain name. Please skip #7 on the instructions. Be sure to choose masking if you do not want your My MCA Pro url to be visible.


What changes can I make?
You can only make changes to your personal information. No changes can be made to the website template.

Can I change my username for my MY MCA Pro Website?
The My MCA Pro username cannot be changed since it is apart of your My MCA Pro url. However, you may change your TVC Matrix Username anytime.

Why doesn't the first video show on my testimonial page?
The first Youtube link is the video for your lead capture page. If you want this video to display on your testimonial page, add the link to Youtube Testimonial Video slot. Also, please see "My Youtube link doesn't work" above. Inputting the incorrect link will cause this. Make sure you have added a Youtube video link to "Youtube Testimonial Video 1."

My Facebook link doesn't work?
Make sure your Facebook link has http:// before the www. For example, http://www.facebook.com/yourusername. If you add only your Facebook username, it will not work. Login to your account and check your Facebook link.

My Twitter link doesn't work?
Make sure your Twitter link has http:// before the www. For example, http://www.twitter.com/yourusername. If you add only your Twitter username, it will not work. Login to your account and check your Twitter link.

My testimonial page is blank?
If you didn't enter any a link for Youtube Testimonial Video 1-9, then your testimonial page will be blank. Once you add a video, you will see the video. Also, please see "My Youtube link doesn't work" above. Inputting the incorrect link will cause your testimonial page to be blank.

Can I view this website on an Andorid device or iPhone?
Yes, all the videos, navigation bar and text can be viewed on an Android device, iPhone or iPad. THE FIRST LINK WILL NOT WORK ON A CELL PHONE SINCE THIS LINK IS IN FLASH. Most cell phones don't have the capability to play Flash content. If you have a lot of people who will be viewing your website on a cell phone, please use the lead capture page link. You may also forward your domain to lead capture page link. Links for these can be found in your welcome email.

Does the website use an autoresponder?
No, at this time there isn't an autoresponder attached to the website. However, when a prospect fills out the form, they will receive an email from you. We do have an option for you to add your own autoresponder code on your lead capture page.

Can I change the email sent to prospects when they fill out the lead capture form?
No, the email sent to prospects cannot be changed. You will need to sign up for an autoresponder. Please go to http://www.pureleveragepaysme.com for information about Pure Leverage. It's only $1 to start.

I can see my videos, but no one else can. Why is that?
Check the settings on your Youtube video. The video may be set up as private. Change it to public and others will be able to see your video.

My email button on my website does not work?
If you do not have a mail program on your computer such as Outlook or Mail, the email button may not work properly for you. A prospect can always right click the email me button to email you.

I receive the error "Could not perform this operation ecause the default mail client is not properly installed"?
This error means you have not set up the mail program on your computer with your personal email. Please add your personal email address in the mail program. Instructions can be found by searching Google.

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Please review the frequently asked questions before contacting us. If you submit a question that is already in the FAQ section, you will receive an email directing you to the FAQs.

Note: We are not TVC Matrix or Motor Club of America. If you have questions about your membership, need to cancel, etc., please contact TVC Matrix.


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