Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create an application?

2. I finished my application; what is next?

3. Application Status

4. Do I need a Developer certificate?

5. How long will it take for my app to be approved?

6. If the app data is saved on the mobile device, does that mean even if there is no internet the data will still be available on the mobile device?

7. I have an iPhone app; how can I publish it on Google Play Store as an Android app?

8. Where I can find the EZmobileAppCreator tutorials? Do I need to pay for them?

9. How do I insert a YouTube video?

10. How do I sell an app on App Store?

11. Regarding your price plans, can you tell me what happens with a monthly subscription package if I stop paying this monthly bill at a future point? What happens to the apps that have already been created and put on the App Store?

12. Can I use PDF files?

13. Can I update a Live application?

14. Do I need new binaries every time I update my app on EZmobileAppCreator?

15. Does my iPhone app work on iPad?

16. Can I create my app in my own editor and then add it to EZmobileAppCreator?

17. How can I edit my app's name on EZmobileAppCreator? Will the new name appear in the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore?

18. How long does it take for a binary building process?

19. How do I use Ad Mob?

20. How do I get an Ad Mob Publisher ID?

21. How can I delete an App (project) from My Application List?

22. Where I can find the app binary download link for my Instant Build request?

23. How do I convert pages?

24. How do I change the background image for my app?

25. How do I change the Tabs number and Tabs Icons?

26. What is the Splash Screen used for?

27. Should my application icon and iTunes icon be the same, just one bigger and one smaller?

28. Approval Process

29. Do I need an Apple Developer account or can I submit under EZmobileAppCreator' account?

30. What is a Push Notification for iOS? How do Push Notifications work?

31. How do I set the price for an app approved by the App Store? (Credit goes to Mark Brooks for the answer. Thank you!)

32. How do I upgrade my plan without repaying the setup fee? (Credit goes to Mark Brooks for the answer. Thank you!)

33. Tool Box Explanation

34. Report Violations