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About ClaudefromCleveland

Hi, my name is Claude and I’m a loving husband and a father of three wonderful girls.  I am also proud to claim the title as an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur.

Through countless months of research and failed attempts, I finally discovered a way to help ordinary people accomplish their dream.
A little over 10 years ago, I began a journey that took me through the ups and downs of financial turmoil. I challenged my beliefs on every aspect of time, money and wealth.  After the Marine Corps, I experience the life of being homeless to having a house custom built. From building a family to the economy crashing which lead us bankrupt.
With all of that experience of gain and loss, I challenge myself through financial training daily and minimum hours of sleep. Until I networked and found the right people with the right mindset who understood the importance of having the right tools and creating multiple streams of income.
After exploring the internet with the help of several mentors who are known as internet marketing geniuses.  I can safely say I have found the “key” to the exit door of the “Rat Race” and I am eager to help those individuals searching for a way out!  Like they say “Success leaves clues” and here’s one NOW!
So welcome to my page, my world, my life and my choice of multiple money making opportunities.  Feel free to take a close look throughout this page.  Leave some comments. Ask some questions and lets connect so I can help you on your journey as well.
Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to connecting with you my friend!
Peace, Love, and Freedom,
from your new friend…